The Westlake Gallery is a not-for-profit public resource dedicated to exhibiting young, local and emerging artists, and providing educational opportunities.

Past Events 

November 18 to November 25, 2016  -- Sneak Peek III: BFA Fall Exhibition & Mid-Critique                  Artists: Amber Claassen, Brianna Hachez-Lagacé, Annie Manion, Conor McNeilly, Jöelle Myre, Thomas Sandziuk,  Janica Vossos, Tina Couchie, Emelie Janes, Gerald McComb, Bryanne Morris, Morgan Ranney, Thaila Sarazin, and Melanie Webdale

September 16, 2016 - What if We Started an Art Gallery                                                           Artists: Alex Campbell, Arlington Hoffman, Bonnie Humber, Brent Kluke, Catherine Hodgson, Emily Dalmer, Geoff Mayne, Jackie Carter, Jessica Semple, Kaylee Motley, marcus fessler, Rick Cunningham, and Ric Mulka

July 15 - August 19, 2016 -- Room 406: Thesis Work From Widdifield High School          Artists: Abhishek Ambekar, Bethany Davis, Gillian Herbert, Ray Hookimaw, Holly Macie, Sumaya Mehareen, Lilah Murray, Megan Robbins, Danielle Robidas, Lina Roy, Katrina Twaddle, and Jessie Valenti

May 20 - June 17, 2016 -- Seeking Zen: Selected Works Past and Present                                           Arlie Hoffman 

March 18 to April 16, 2016 -- The Portrait Project                                                                                  Geoff Mayne 

November 20 to December 18, 2015 --Sneak Peek: BFA Fall Exhibition                                         Artists: Andrea Allan, Alex Ball,Chelsea Bourget, Jocelyn Brown, Marina Dekker, marcus fessler, Katie Kozub, Sarah Marinelli, Katarina Stewart, and Imogen Wilson

September 18 to October 16, 2015 -- Punks & Pin ups                                                                             Alex Maeve Campbell

September 11 to 13, 2015 -- Northern Arts and Crafts Movement presents Native Creativity and Mask Making workshop by George Couchie

September 2, 2015 -- Windows Collective

July 24 to July 26, 2015 -- Northern Arts and Crafts Movement - Contemporary Beadwork Workshop with Ashley Couchie

 July 17 to August 14, 2015 -- Textilis                                                                                                        Jackie Carter

May 15 to June 15, 2015 -- Metamorphosis                                                                                               Brent Kluke

March 20 to April 30, 2015 -Across the Ice and Snow                                                                     Artists: Dermot Wilson, Lori Grace Johnson, and Andrew Van Schie 

January 16 to February 16, 2015 -- Paper                                                                                                North Bay Art Student Collective - Alex Ball, Chelsea Bourget, Tina Couchie, Emily Dalmer, Marina Dekker, marcus fessler, Bonnie Gray, Brianna Hachez- Lagace, Rachael Heal, Catherine Hodgson, Sarah Marinelli, Kaylee Motley, Joelle Myre, Thomas Sandziuk, Jess Semple, and Immogen Wilson

November 21 to December 20, 2014 -Grand Opening: Sneak Peek! Fall Exhibition Artists: Katelyn Campbell, Emily Dalmer, Bonnie Gray, Catherine Hodgson, Kaylee Motley, Jessica Semple, and James Thorne